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Traditional Georgian feast named as “supra”, represents a mix of Asian, European, Caucasian and Georgian character itself. The last one has frequently been under influences of foreign cultures but meanwhile creating new and unique _ Georgian uniqueness. In 2017 “supra” _ Georgian feast became a part of intangible cultural heritage. Colors, tastes, and flavors change as you travel across Georgia, from one region to another, from the lowland to the mountains. If you are lucky to relish an Imeretian supra, you stand a real chance to feel Georgian classical cuisine with all its consummate brilliance. Imeretian cuisine presents ingenious improvisation that incorporates a variety of flavors, aromas, fresh vegetables, and diversity of spiced walnut sauces. Basic recipes of classic Imeretian cuisine such as satsivi, mchadi, salads or khachapuri, have been refined over the centuries under the influences of renown Georgian hospitality.